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Year 9 Day 14 11:43
Quick Preface: I remember suggesting something about this at one point, but I haven't got a clue if the idea was liked enough to actually do anything with it, whether now or in the future.
The specific suggestion I made was that the 'Repair Facilities' skill should be worked into the construction equation...higher skill, shorter time constructing. It shouldn't have a great influence, but there should be some.

Question Run-Up: I was looking over my NPCs yesterday, looking at their skills, XP and skill points. It dawned on me that, while I could spend those points on whatever skills I wanted, they would best be spent on either a: anti-A/E skills or b: skills related to their function.

The vast majority of my NPCs are builders and as I looked at them, I found that point b above can't be applied to them. They don't use any of their "skills" in construction. So, the only possible use for their points would be to prevent A/E.

Actual Question: Will there, at some point in the future, be a time when skills might mean more to some kinds of NPCs than just a way to avoid A/E?

Year 9 Day 14 21:15
I sure hope so.