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Archives » Legally Buying Back Old Property
Piico SaNikto
Piico SaNikto
I have a question that I want to ask before I get in trouble for breaking rules. Before getting rid of my old character I gave away all of my assetts. I am now, with my new character, wanting to use credits I am earning to buy back some of those assetts from the people I gave them to before. This isn't a problem, is it? I know it is against the rules to have stuff given to others so they can give it back to you when you respawn, but if you legally buy it back at fair prices is that OK?


Lance Hawke
Lance Hawke
Yes. It's only against the rules if new characters are handed assets back and/or they "buy" them for a "good" price.

It's looked at on a case-by-case basis. Generally your new character should never regain the assets your old character had because it's obviously planned out OOC, even if you do purchase them back, so it's advised that if your old character had a YT-510, for example, you purchase a different YT-510 from someone else, rather than the same one from the friend you sent yours to. It will raise eyebrows, and the idea of a fair price is a subjective one.