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Year 9 Day 17 4:31
I bought from the Marketplace and cannot access the bought items. Who can help?
They should be freely accessible, right?

2/ Initial Conditions

To buy from the market, you must be inside a market, which means inside a Commercial Centre facility or a Trading Station (1 or 2), or inside Centrepoint Space Station.


* The entity cannot be travelling and must be in a system, or on the ground in a city or on a planet, or inside a market. If you try to sell raw materials, then the pile can be instead located inside a NPC-owned facility.
* It cannot be under construction.
* It cannot be protected.
* It cannot contain anything (no passengers or goods).

- Rules > The Economy > Marketplace

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...can I have all the fish please?!
Year 9 Day 17 4:44
Zeta, you cited the wrong parts^^
The second paragraph is for SELLING (which not available right now, if I am informed correctly).

If you buy things from the market, chance is very high that it is indeed docked and thus not accessible for you. (All those stuff is mostly from dissolved factions.)


Year 9 Day 17 5:07
But taking the GOLDEN RULE into account you would presume that everything which is available on the market was once 'sold' to the marketplace under mentioned conditions anyway.

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...can I have all the fish please?!
Year 9 Day 17 5:18
You don't get it. They haven't been *sold*.
If a faction dissolves all its belongings go to the market automaticly.

edit: Reference.

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Year 9 Day 17 5:31
I do know how the marketplace works. That is why I referred to the GOLDEN RULE and put sold in quotation marks :P
But still the script (offering stuff from dead characters or dissolved factions to the marketplace) should follow the written rules!



...can I have all the fish please?!
Year 9 Day 17 5:43
The script does not SELL to the marketplace. The script places the assets of dead characters (and dissolved factions) up for sale on the market, if there is nobody to inherit them according to the coded death rules.

The rule about NPC ownership of containers is to prevent people scamming the market from selling docked goods that nobody will ever be able to gain access to (and thereby effectively gaining free credits). It does not prevent the market from scamming itself.


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Year 9 Day 17 15:51
The Golden Rule doesn't have anything to do with this.. It exists solely to cover situations in which players are intentionally misusing a feature. The actual coding of features is unrelated as scripts are physically incapable of violating the Golden Rule, which deals with intention.

Year 9 Day 18 3:18
The conclusion I draw regarding to Vips, Hals and Syns comments is that ships, vehicles and/or RMs may not be accessible although paid through the marketplace and is a place to scam yourself voluntarily.
Is that right?



...can I have all the fish please?!
Year 9 Day 18 3:54
Jaggo Bral
Jaggo Bral
Since no one forced you to buy from the NPC market without checking what you were buying, you scammed yourself voluntarily, that's right. But that's true when trading with player chars, too. Or look at it this way: You are one of the few traders who can claim having been scammed by NPC's :p

Edited By: Jaggo Bral on Year 9 Day 18 3:56

Year 9 Day 18 12:55
Nowhere does the NPC market does not guarantee accessibility of its products, correct.


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