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Archives » I cant login... was I forgotten about??

Everytime I login, the browser redirects me to the forums like normal, but I notice that Im always logged in as guest. I cant go into any of the regular forums, or view my inventory. My handle is Raith De`Skirsia. I tried getting help on irc, but no one was active. I'll be on with the nick Rudolph all day so PM me if you can.

hmm... I recommend you read the following notes:

It might just be your cookies turned off.


one problem might be your browser.. for a long time i couldn't log in using IE, i switched to firefox/mozilla.

Rav Isaar
Rav Isaar
IE 7 works fine with SWC.

No, actually IE7 suffers the same login problems as any other version of IE. And like, other versions, it seems to happen arbitrarily - it may function for you for months, then one day cease working. The devs have been looking into this for ages, but so far there is no solution but to use Firefox until IE one day spontaneously begins to allow you to log in again. BK concluded previously that it might be due to the differences in which the two browsers store passwords, but that's about the closest we've gotten to any sort of reasonable conjecture.