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Year 9 Day 24 2:20
If I am on Devaron, where do I buy a ship? Are Y-Wings available? And how much would they cost?


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Year 9 Day 24 2:23
You might try reading the Guide, linked at the top of every page--in particular, the FAQ and Trading sections.


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Year 9 Day 24 3:06
Piico SaNikto
Piico SaNikto
Obiben, there aren't just stores around that sell ships. To purchase one you will have to do one of three things. The first is contact the company that makes the ship. The second is to find someone that is trying to sell a ship and buy it from them. You can find such ships in the RPG Centre (the commerce thread). Finally, if you save enough CPs (look to the right of your page, under where it says "level") you can spawn your own ship. You can get a Longprobe (a varient of the y-wing) that way.


Year 9 Day 24 3:34
Piico, I know you're trying to help, but it's more helpful to teach people to use the resources available to them - such as the Guide, and the Rules - rather than directly answering questions already covered in those resources.

It may seem harsh not to specifically answer their questions, but it's the "teach a man to fish" principle. Right now you're just standing there handing out individual fish.


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Year 9 Day 24 8:39
First off, I would like to say thank you to Piico for your brief, succinct answer. I am sure it's probably easy to forget what it is like to be new to the Combine. I wish the Guide, and other sections of the Combine website, could be written and explained so well. I have thoroughly looked through the guides and resources available, but when links don't work (, and the guide is very vague on where markets are ("inside a commerce centere facility" does not help me), it is nice to be able to draw on the experience of veterans to the Combine universe. Not to mention, I have 10,500 CPs that I'm waiting to be awarded to me, but I haven't seen them yet. Oh, and I am in Iraq, and the network I'm on doesn't allow any kind of IRC program, so that puts a damper on things too. Anyway, thanks so much for all the help, I appreciate it very much!


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Year 9 Day 24 23:48
Veynom handles CPs personally, so this normally takes about a week in case of donations. If you did one of the other offers on the Support page, then it depends on each different company (some require you to stay subscribed for one month, or something, to ensure that you're doing more than just registering and unsubscribing right away).



Year 9 Day 25 1:10
Does that include submissions to the Banner Exchange and Topsites? I sent a message to request the CPs, using the email addresses provided on the "Support the Combine" page, but one address ( sent back an email saying the user didn't exist. It has been more than a week, so I think I will send a message to Veynom. Thank you for your help Syn!


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Year 9 Day 25 4:53
Until the page is updated, try sending an email to, they should be able to check and award your CPs.


Year 9 Day 25 18:08
Alright, I will do that. Thanks!


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