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Year 9 Day 25 15:40
Toric Andrel
Toric Andrel
Hi. I'm new, and confused. I've read the guide, and I've figured out how to move around a city. What I'm now trying to figure out is how to leave the city and explore the planet. I know I'm supposed to see a "CrossTerrain" button under "Travel", but the button just isn't there. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be great.

Year 9 Day 25 16:42
You have to go to the edge of the city first, then you can cross terrain.


Year 9 Day 25 17:08
Toric Andrel
Toric Andrel
Does it matter which edge of the city? I think I just figured out my problem, but someone please confirm: If the edge of the city that I'm at is also facing the end of the planet map, I won't be able to go anywhere, will I?

Year 9 Day 25 23:22
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
That is correct, if you are along the edge of a city that is facing the edge of a planet, then you will not be able to move.

In general, you are able to move to the terrain that is located next to the edge of the terrain that you are standing along. Corners give you the option to move to one of the three closest terrains. :)

Year 9 Day 26 16:17
Toric Andrel
Toric Andrel
Ooo. Good tip about the corners. Thanks!