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Archives » Is this a bug/exploit/oversight?
Oilios Katastrefor
Oilios Katastrefor
Currently you can only issue arrest warrents if you have a/e privlages level 2. You can arrest people who already have warrents with a/e privlages level 1... but through some mistake? you can arrest people who once had a warrent issued with level 1, by reinstating the warrent. Is this a bug?

In otherwords, if 3 years ago, Phymp Mindano had an arrest warrent isseud on him by the Falleen Federation, any Falleen Federation newbie with level 1 privlages could show up and arrest and execute him, despite not being given the privlages to issue arrest warrents.

This a bug? would doing something smiliar to the above be considered an exploit and breach of the golden rules?

Actually I'm pretty sure anyone with level 1 could arrest and execute without a warrent; just makes a nasty faction event.


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Oilios Katastrefor
Oilios Katastrefor
you can't arrest without a warrent. you can however excute without one.