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Year 6 Day 212 1:55
Eboda Raas
Eboda Raas
You can load minerals directly from ships to Warehouses (and I think spaceports and starports). Are there any other facilities that can also accept minerals directly from ships?

Is is possible to get a special icon that identifies this on the rules pages for the facilites?

Year 6 Day 212 2:25
Camaris sa Vinitta
Camaris sa Vinitta
You can load materials directly from ships to warehouses. Just make sure to be over the upper left corner of the warehouse and that the warehouse has its load limits set and all that funky other stuff.

I believe silo's and a few other facilities can be used the same way.


Year 6 Day 212 4:06
warehouse, hangar, landing pad, factory, mine, recycling plant, silo, bacta refinement facility.

Thats the types I use for facility construction so it should be the same for loading.

oh, and yeh it'd be possible to have such an icon but a listing on the rules of available facilities would be faster.

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Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 212 4:25
Eboda Raas
Eboda Raas
Thanks guys.

Year 6 Day 213 3:59
i always thought there was a list of possible facilities on the mining rules page :/


Year 6 Day 213 4:43

Section 1.12 has some of them, but it's not a complete list.


Kids these days!