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Archives » Faction disolution / Arrested NPCs
If a security (or any) faction arrests another faction's NPCs and then said faction dissolves then who can unarrest the NPCs? The owner of the NPCs, stuck in limbo, what?

If this doesn't have a solution other then "bug Dreighton to have them unarrested" perhaps putting a line in the dissolution coding that releases them or allows someone to unarrest them might save her headaches in the future; although judging by the fact no one (so far) seems to know the answer I'm guessing that this isn't exactly a common problem.

I just discovered it when looking over my faction's NPCs and noticing a few arrested. I remembered the faction that arrested them no longer exists and that made me wonder. I could care less about the NPCs, but I'm sure there are groups out there that have lost more then 11 npcs to this so if no one has thought of this yet then I guess it's worthy of making a note of.

Thank you in advance;


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