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Year 9 Day 29 10:48
I would like to know why in SWC these ships have so different statistics?
YT-1210 has Weight Cap: 100 T, Volume Cap: 500 m³, Max Passengers: 6
YT-1300 has Weight Cap: 15 T, Volume Cap: 50 m³, Max Passengers: 8
YT-2000 has Weight Cap: 12 T, Volume Cap: 35 m³, Max Passengers: 5
YT-2400 has Weight Cap: 5 T, Volume Cap: 20 m³, Max Passengers: 2

That means: the worst is the newest model.
That kind of ships are FREIGHTERS, I mean ships to move freight. So the space for materials and people is very crucial. And in SWC all newer models have worse statistics (100 ton - 15 ton - 12 ton - 5 ton).

In fact, they were very similar: YT-1210 has lenght 35m, YT-1300 - 26,7m, YT-2000 - 29 m and YT-2400 - 21 m.
I think there is no reason to place smaller cargo rooms in YT-1300 and YT-2000.
Only 2400 model was evidently smaller (but NOT as much).

At least YT-1300 should has 100 ton of cargo room.

And I don't understand why only YT-1210 has 8 sensors suite, and the rest have mere 1 sensor. No real reeason for that.

Most sources says that, but I list only one:

Is it error in SWC database?


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Year 9 Day 29 10:53
Lithio Iffelin
Lithio Iffelin
I think the reason for some of the cargo space usage is the added weapons. The 1210 has only 1 heavy laser, while the others are more loaded out. If that's the case, I'm kinda surprised the weapons use so much, but no biggie. None of those ships are used for really heavy hauling, anyway.


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Year 9 Day 29 11:27
The YT-1300 is based off of the Millenium Falcon stats rather than a stock YT-1300 as most of the ship stats were made at an early stage of the games development where things weren't neccessarily thought through as completely as they are now.

We are fully aware the stats do not accurately reflect canon in all areas, canon stats for ships have been produced but will not be implemented at this time. They may appear later, they may not. The game still works with the existing stats.

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