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Archives » Could I do work experience for Star wars combine???
The government in England say I have
to do work experience...
So could I do work experience for Star wars combine?

I am 14.
I know a lot about Star wars.
I do have some ideas for the Star wars combine.
My skills
I know how to use Word, Publisher, Excel, Power Point
My art is so-so

I will not post my Email
But will give it if ask by a Admin
Ask if you need more info....

ple post soon
as my work experience will have to start soon
but I do not know when....

Terak Falcor
Terak Falcor
To be honest i can see any school in the UK allowing you todo that as you would be in a proper work enviroment.

I think he is asking to help out with the Combine.

Vyse, you can look at the Contact Us page, linked at the top of each page, to see what the various departments do. If you feel that you have skills that could contribute, mail that department and include any examples of your work.

SWC isn't looking for anyone with MS Office skills though, so you would likely need to have some PHP programming experience, or be a skilled 2-d or 3-d artist.

Generally, teams also do not hire brand new players until they have been around for a while to fully understand the game and its functions, though, so you may just need to gain more experience around here first.



If you have to do work experience as part of your education, then the Combine would not suffice, as it isn't really a corporation. Try your local deli.


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I seriously doubt your school will consider SWC an adequate placement for work experience, you seem to lack the skills required to work for SWC and SWC's work environment isn't really appropriate for a short-term placement either.

I suggest you talk to your careers leader, if your school has someone in such a role, and get some advice.


Kai Xaviar
Kai Xaviar
Doubtful, most work experience has to be located in a place of work, Local normally to the school catchment zone.

You would be better contacting office-related businesses nearby as you have heavy office-based skills.

14? They've lowered the age since I were a lad......



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