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Year 9 Day 34 16:57
Raven Yuno
Raven Yuno
I wanted to know more about multi-accounts because there is a character I would like to add on here but I don't want to break any rules, could someone please help me?

Year 9 Day 34 19:38
You may only have one character. This is clearly stated in the Rules, under Character Creation, along with the other multi accounts rules.

The term "multi accounts" refers to multiple people sharing a connection, each with a single character of their own.


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Year 9 Day 62 15:09

I try to sign up for an account, but someone else shares my IP and has already. What should I do? Do I get him to email? I've tried many times and I keep getting errors. I fill in his handle at the creation slot, and I've emailed multi-accounts every single time. What all do I need?

Year 9 Day 62 15:39
In the future please open a new thread for your own problems.

You should only need to enter his handle in the multi field, nothing more. If it is still being declined, are you sure there is nobody else sharing the connection in addition whose handle you did not enter?