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Year 9 Day 35 19:32
Garviel Valten
Garviel Valten
Year 9 Day 34
13:47 New Anzat Order 240,000 For 16 x T-24 Satellites to be produced.

Bothan Media Services currently has 12,903 credits

There has been not output transactions since Year 9 Day 33
18:42 and I never received an event about outgoing money.

So what happened to the other 227,097 credits?

Year 9 Day 35 20:14
I think your answer has now been posted on the Sim News, although as far as I can tell you posted before that?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 9 Day 35 20:18
Garviel Valten
Garviel Valten
The 55mil had been taken on this morning if I remember correctly. This was a completely different deal.

Year 9 Day 36 1:48
Auron Tamerin
Auron Tamerin
Wait, so let me get this straight, a completely different set of credits for something completely different was removed because the admins just blanket removed the money instead of spending time to trace it all?

I mean if the money was removed that was traced, I can't see any grounds to remove a further 240k I mean are the admins just arbitrarily removing credits from BMS on a whim now?

Edited By: Auron Tamerin on Year 9 Day 36 1:51
Year 9 Day 36 1:57
Danika Vertas
Danika Vertas
fyi the 55m didnt even come out of BMS it came out of my personal account. 15m was in BMS and syn was told it was there. I`d assume the admins removed the 15m and such but why the hell did they take more then that?

Year 9 Day 36 6:51

He did indeed trace all transactions, as at least two ASims were witness to, so any complaints you have need to be brought to him.



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