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Year 9 Day 36 11:30
Mike Hades
Mike Hades
Ok so i have logged into many times before with the following information :

Description :
IRC Server
Ports : 6667 ( i have tryed many others )

My PC is running fine and i get the message : Unable to connect to server ( Connection timed out ) whenever i click connect

I was wondering whether this is a temporary issue and if anyone else had the problem

Year 9 Day 36 11:53
Temporary issue.
No reason to worry too much.


Year 9 Day 40 10:34
Kal Sterne
Kal Sterne
I'm new to SWC and am trying to log into the IRC for the first time. As I've never done it before I am unsure what is supposed to happen. But currently I cannot log into the IRC. I've checked everything... as well as the 6667 code. That all looks good. Is there something I may be doing wrong?

Year 9 Day 40 10:48
IRC just means a conglomerate of chat-rooms.

Though you can "play" SWC without being active there, it generally helps to interact with other/fellow players.

For further reference about IRC have a look here:


Year 9 Day 40 14:37
Kal Sterne
Kal Sterne
Thanks, Vip. I think I understand what the IRC is functionally. I am still unable to accass any of the chat areas as I cannot actually get into the IRC as of yet. I'm not the most technically savy person but I am good at following instructions. I very much want to play SWC to its fullest capacity so I'd accept any hand-holding-help.

Year 9 Day 40 14:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
It's probably easiest if you log on to IRC using one of the webbased chat clients, so someone can assist you in real time.

SWC has one in the help pages somewhere.