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Year 9 Day 38 16:12
What is the prospecting difference between these two Vehicles?

Year 9 Day 38 17:06
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Each FK-7 has 10 sensors, while each Groundhog has 40 sensors. :)

Year 9 Day 38 17:08
Aye but what does that mean in practical terms? It takes 4 times longer to scan? You have to scan different parts of the grid? I don't understand...

Year 9 Day 38 17:15
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Link to rules.

Take a look at the equations listed there. That should answer your questions in terms of your odds of finding a deposit as well as how long it will take.

As for your question of having to scan different parts of the grid, I assume that you are talking about one terrain grid (as opposed to a whole planet). If that is the case, then it doesn't matter where in that particular terrain grid (or "city" if you would like) that you scan.

Year 9 Day 38 19:50
Thank you Evan.
So if you add more prospecting vehicles to your group/party does it change the odds or time?

Year 9 Day 38 22:24
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Yes, that is correct. As the sensors in your party are cumulative, so it adds the sensors for each prospecting vehicle.

Year 9 Day 38 23:57
You have been most helpful.

Year 9 Day 39 1:11
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Glad to have been of service. :)