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Archives » Soooo.... I need money to operate, and it got eaten
3 mines in 1 city seems to be an issue

1 Year 9 Day 33, 16:31 The Mine OMC Varium Mine Number Three (ID: 362469) has completed with a yield of 573 Units and a running cost of 4,150,636 Credits.
[Mining] 2 Year 9 Day 33, 16:31 The varium deposit on Galradain at 12, 8 is now depleted.
[Credit] 3 Year 9 Day 33, 16:31 Your faction received 195,975 credits from the Tax Administration with the following message:
Mining operations in mine OMC Varium Mine Number Three.
[Credit] 4 Year 9 Day 33, 16:31 Offworld Mining Corporation has sent 4,150,636 credits to the server with the following message:
Cost of Mining for Mine OMC Varium Mine Number Three (ID: 362469)

now I'm aware Varium is expensive, but that top one does seem to be a bug, (made a bug report on it a week ago) and I'd like to a little prod for progress on it, but dunno who to talk to.

another mine, same city, showing

Year 9 Day 40, 16:20 - 30 Minutes
Est. Yield: 71
Est. Cost: 0

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it appears, the mine running free doesn't happen, it just does its count, and no events.


Ono Stardust
Ono Stardust
I can confirm this, when a deposit is depleted the extraction cost that are paid are for a full yield, even if it is only a tiny part of what the full yield would be. As far as I know this has nothing to do with having more then one mine in a city, it seems to be a bug that gives really unfavorable outcomes when a deposit runs out.

I reported this several weeks ago, was a bit confused by the recent mining rules change but the issue still stands. Reported it here.

Then after depletion all but one mine is stopped, the other mine gives a weird yield with 0 cost. After a week nothing happens though and it is stopped anyways.

Edit: Grammar :/

Edited By: Ono Stardust on Year 9 Day 42 9:46
can I get a response of some sort? I know I sound crochety, but it's been over a week, and I've got projects sitting on hold because 4 million is awol


Seems to be a valid issue, please bugbase it.


Sim Master Veynom

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I did, when it first occured


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Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr

Is the fact a mine get full and extract only a tiny yield for the full estimated price maybe related to this?



I shall Copy Paste a tad to see if I can get someone to say something

I'd like to see

-a warning or mention of it in the rules page, it was my assumption that it'd just use up what's left, and no screw me on this much money

-a refund to cover at least part of the loss, it hurts to lose 4 million credits from my operating budget