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Year 9 Day 45 2:14

I submitted an app for membership and got a note saying it was turned down due to someone else having that name already. It prompted me to use (back) and when I clicked on it I was sent to a new app form. I re-entered my data, altering the name and it would not go through with the message saying "this e-mail address has been used before." Well, yes, I had just had the first app declined and that was the use of the e-mail address. Having had two apps turned down within minutes, I attempted again with a variation of the handle and another e-mail address I have. I then got an e-mail back saying I was turned down because "this IP has tried to join with multiple handles so we can not take it." Now I am totally confused. Can you please try to help me out here? I would consider it a great favor. My attempt was with the handle Jew-El Starborn and with as addy. When that was turned down I tried Ju-El Silverstar with my account. that is the one I got the final message on. I know I am missing something simple so please help me.
Thank you very much,

Year 9 Day 45 2:21
There currently are no active join requests. Please check your email for an email from either containing your initial password or a declination reason.

If you received a declination message, feel free to sign up again.


Year 9 Day 62 15:05

I have tried to sign up many times. To the best of my knowledge, I have filled all multi-account forms out, emailed, etc. and I still have been denied. I have used my same email address and names that work (unless they swap between IP and names randomly, because I accidentally did a canon name once) and have gotten messages. Does the owner of the other account need to email?

Year 9 Day 62 15:40
Already answered you in the other thread.