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Year 9 Day 49 8:39
Malrin Avet
Malrin Avet
I have a friend picking up a gravsled from galmart, and she can't seem to move it. How do you move one of these things? The person who is trying to move it, has tried equipping it in either and both hands. What is she doing wrong?

Year 9 Day 49 9:03
Andhers Jakhim
Andhers Jakhim
An Anti-Grav Sled Weighs 50 kg. The most likely problem is that she has insufficient strength to move it. To move 50 kg the person doing the moving needs a strength skill of at least one.

Year 9 Day 49 10:46
Malrin Avet
Malrin Avet
ARG..... (=frusteration)


Year 9 Day 49 11:15
Jeb`el Ras
Jeb`el Ras
Strange at that seems, you need a certain level of strength to move an anti-gravity sled ..


' ' ',
` Jeb`el
Moebius (co-founder)

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Year 9 Day 49 11:19
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Perhaps its not the strength needed to get it moving but the strength needed to stop it afterwards!

Year 9 Day 49 13:55
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
mass != weight


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