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Year 9 Day 58 13:34
Davik Laurens
Davik Laurens
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but this is where it told me to go. Looking for work for CP's. don't hvae much/any skills with technical stuff but I like to think i'm good with ideas. i'm also pretty good with writing up stuff, and finding specs for stuff(eg. star ships), and if theres any work i can do for the combine I would like to know. The place I looked at helping in was manual, and if i can't do this putting the idea out there that somone should put something in place where you need a barminimu of a crew so like max 100 people min. 20 people or just put in manual. Also i would like to see new stuff added. not just updates but like new droids, new ships...

Year 9 Day 58 14:39
Take a look at the Contact Us page and contact whichever team you feel would be best suited to your skills. You say you liked writing things, so if that includes creative writing and proper grammar, you might want to try the descriptions team. There is no rules team any longer, and the rules team never paid CPs, so assisting with rules and specs isn't really an option at the moment - the developers handle the bulk of that, and if you want to join the dev team you generally need programming skills.



Year 9 Day 58 19:59
Davik Laurens
Davik Laurens
k thx