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Year 9 Day 66 11:54

i have been trying to set up an account but have had no luck, i have been using your ramdomly generated names but it still automaticly declines the name any ideas what i can do so i can join this game ?

Year 9 Day 66 14:13
Given the number of people using the random name generator compared to the options it offers, it may be that too many people have been using the generator and it is tending to return names already in use.

There is also a small issue with the Rules being updated since the generator was put in place, and it not being updated accordingly. It can return names that are against the current rules, but that should be infrequent, and is unlikely to be the problem if you've tried several times.


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Year 9 Day 66 15:51
We've had problems with the application script rejecting handles that should go through before, and the two handles the guest provided in the help channel [Yun Eronoss, Krasin Carn] seemed fine to me. If it's the same problem as before, an admin needs to go in and kick the application script back into shape.

Until it does get fixed, the only suggestion I can make is to try different handles hoping to find one that slips through, or just wait until a coder fixes it so you can have the name you prefer.

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