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Archives » Multi-Account Requirements
Year 9 Day 66 16:22

First, the other account is not mine. I have tried to sign up, and 3 times (out of 4, once I had a name error) I have gotten a multi account error.
Second, I have entered the account name on the sign-up for the account.
Third, I email the provided multi-account email with a short, concise message, providing the name and email for the other account.
What do I need? Am I missing something?

Year 9 Day 66 16:58
If you entered the name of the multi in the appropriate field when you signed up, your application should have been left for the multi admin to deal with. It's possible your account was mistakenly declined by someone else, or he had some reason to decline you. You can try your luck at signing up again [still entering your multi's handle in the appropriate field], or wait for a reply from the multi-accounts mail.


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Year 9 Day 67 19:48

Thanks, but I have put it in the field, have gotten a response multiple times, without the Multi-Account person ever emailing with a reason. Instead, the standard decline people respond. I'll try again and post when I get an response

Year 9 Day 67 20:10
Make sure that your first account has been accepted. Make sure you are listing ALL the people you are a multi with (check with the person you are listing as the first multi), and check that your handle is not in violation of the rules.


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Year 9 Day 68 16:20

The first one has been accepted, he is the only other with an account (I'm sure it's just one) and I have not gotten back on my most recent attempt. And I *HAVE* waited for the responses.

Year 9 Day 68 17:27
You can use the Lost Password feature at any time to check your account status. There is a sticky post in this forum that explains what each of the possible messages mean.



Year 9 Day 70 14:42
Tobias Chaosrealm
Tobias Chaosrealm
My problem, to clarify, was that my account was denied. The other account is not mine, and as you can see, I was finally accepted.