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Year 9 Day 67 17:07
Zebo Xelon
Zebo Xelon
hi,im zebo xelon,currently im stuck inside Government House HQ Tyr(6,4)(1,11)
The problem is that i explored all rooms and cannot find any exit. Need info on how to get out.

Year 9 Day 67 17:27
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
You'll need to find the entrance of the building. You'll know when you are in the entrance when:

1) Instead of arrows, you see small gray doors

2) On the left hand side, where before it said 'Party' and 'Room', it now also says 'Enter' and 'Exit'.

When you are in that room, press 'Exit' and confirm.


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Year 9 Day 67 18:12
The Entrance/Exit room also has a different symbol on the map, which should assist in finding it.


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Year 9 Day 72 17:00
Creg Codi
Creg Codi
I am stuck inside a ship and when I try to leave it said the docking port is closed how do I get out.
P.S. it is not my ship...

Year 9 Day 73 2:37
Creg Codi, your case is quite different (and therefore you should have made an own thread): Your ship is obviously neither at ground level nor docked within an other entity.
Chance is that the ship is either traveling or simply somewhere else than ground level.

For further help we need more info about that ship. Can't you simply contact the pilot?