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Year 9 Day 67 19:53
The player who logged the complaint is new but his explanation on our forums in the TF makes sense... I think its a real bug. He's kind of discouraged and doesn't want to bug anybody so I thought I would :)

If it could get a look it would be cool otherwise he is within a couple days of the re-spawn and he will lose the assets of his old char....

Thanks much for looking,
Tarc Drathul

Year 9 Day 68 3:47
It's unlikely most of us would have time in the next few days given how many of us are off to Berlin over the next few days. I've put it on my list to take a look at when time comes up at the meeting though. If you guys can locate the ID of the ship it would make it a bit easier to look it up.


Kids these days!
Year 9 Day 68 11:30
Gotcha, I forgot I saw the announcement on the group hug in Berlin...

I'll go see if we can get that number!


Year 9 Day 73 5:53
Have you had any luck in tracking down the ID?


Kids these days!