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Archives » 2-sides for construction rule
Year 9 Day 68 12:27
This may warrant an entry in the bug base, I'm not sure.

I had forgotten about this until today.

In a city my group owns, Andolini on the planet Douglas VI, I built a garage next to an existing power generator. The garage did not violate the 2-sides rule. However, when the construction was started and I looked at it later on, the generator, after starting, does NOT have 2 sides clear anymore.

Does the check only get done when a building is built?

If the admins want any additional information or want to fix the garage, put it elsewhere, that's is fine. There's plenty of room in that city. Just give me me a heads up that its being done.

Year 9 Day 68 13:02
The 2-sides check is only done when placing a new facility, for that facility. If the Power Generator was built before that rule was coded, it didn't get checked for it and thus can violate the rules.

Last I checked, buildings like that aren't moved.


Year 9 Day 68 14:50
The generator was fine until I built the garage, so whether it was built before or after the coding, it wouldn't have mattered.

So, a clever designer could work his way around the rule.

Year 9 Day 68 15:21
Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
did you have to remove roads to build the garage? If not chances are the power gen was built before the rule.

You shouldn't be able to get around the rule anymore since it won't let you delete roads that are essential to any existing facility having 2 sides with roads and you can't build over roads either.

Year 9 Day 68 16:27
That's the way to tell? Ok, then yes, it was pre-rule, like just about the entire city.

Thanks for the heads up Kevin. Very informative.