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Year 9 Day 68 21:20
Xaturuk Tem
Xaturuk Tem
Hello all, I'm new to the Combine. I need to cross the ocean on Hapes to get from Basington to Haporium, and I don't see a city with a NPC transport. How do I cross?

Year 9 Day 69 1:06
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I don't have the planet in question at hand, but being a Kel Dor, you lack the ability to swim as good (and far) as amphibian races such as Nautolans or Gungans.

Therefore, if you attempt to swim over the water without a breathing mask, you will drown and consequently, you will die.

What you will need to do is find a way around the ocean to reach your destination. Yes, it may be a detour, but anything is better than not moving at all.

Edit: I just checked the map of Hapes...
Dang, that's some messed up stuff right there.
Hmm, ok. You will have to have someone (a player) transport you from Basington to Haporium. Easiest would be via airspeeder, alternatively via spaceship.

Edit 2: Or, check if there is a vehicle rental service in Basington. If so, then you could try renting a speeder, and if the speeder you get can cross ocean terrain, then you're good to go.

Edited By: Cesodevo Avina on Year 9 Day 69 1:11

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