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Nolan Mako
Nolan Mako
Hi everyone,

I joined today, created my character and read prolly most of the guides I'v seen. I'm now on Correlia, wandering around and I don't know what to do now or where to go. I Joined a Faction, but yet haven't received any answers. I' currently walking to the store (1 hour) for an unknow reason (That was the only building that made sense in the city).

I'd like to know what do i do now. I checked the tutorials/guides up there but haven't found something that would be usefull at my point now. Maybe if I missed something please point it to me. Else any informations on what to do now, what should i do, and what you advised would be very appreciated.

Also is it usefull to buy a weapon right now? Is there a combat system? Or can I go somewhere with creatures and fight?

Thank for your help.

Edited By: Nolan Mako on Year 9 Day 72 9:34
Nolan, until now you have done very good.

Joining a faction is the best you can do at the start. But it needs someone from them to accept you. So now you can only wait.
Keep on reading the Guide. And in case you join a good faction you will be trained by them about everything that you need to know.

Welcome to the Combine, btw :-)


You also might want to visit the faction website and contact someone from that faction (via either email or the darkness message system [DM for short])

SW Combine = combining all parts of the internet into one game.

Also need not to get a weapon because there isn't combat yet :)



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