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Year 9 Day 75 12:23
Durk Kurlin
Durk Kurlin
I cannot find a starport in the city that i am on, but there is a landing pad. will that work the same?

Year 9 Day 75 14:51
Sorry, maybe there's one in another city on the planet you are on. Or you may need to try and find someone to pick you up.

How did you get to the planet?

Are you just starting out? Have you picked a faction yet? They should be able to help you. If you are gonna freelance, well good luck this could be a good first test.


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


Year 9 Day 75 15:44
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Take a look at the map of the planet that you are on. Since you are a wookiee, I'm going to assume that you are on Kashyyyk. If that's not the planet, you'll have to look at a different map.

In any case, on this map you can locate cities that have a starport (if there are any). In this case, the city located at (5, 3) contains a starport because it has the special "City-With-A-Starport" image. ;) You'll need to get to that city to gain access to that starport.