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Archives » i have a major problem from being banned from a forum that is a stewpot of lies about me just because i was crying .
Khris Whitesaber
Khris Whitesaber
i was crying and trying to defend myself from their lies that have gotten me arrested for no reason .i do not appreciate this also slavery is illegal anywhere anyplace any game.i demand to be set free and allowed on the forum .

Slavery is allowed on this game. You were banned because you were not being literate nor good. You were arrested because you were annoying. You do not need a reason to arrest a person in this game, so get over it.

THIS IS JUST A GAME. Learn to play nice and how to play it properly and we'll all have fun. :)


Archduke Skye Sarn, Lord Duke of Dunthril, 2nd of House Tanthar


Unless your using an amazingly accurate voice recognition program to type your posts you are quite capable of crying in private rather than spamming the forums with meaningless crap. Besides which if you have an issue with being banned you need to contact the forum moderator who banned you rather than post in here, that would be Syn.

The reason you were arrested is irrelevant though more likely to be based on your attitude than anyones lies and you aren't enslaved, merely imprisoned. Either of which are perfectly acceptable in an in-character (IC) environment and a common feature of many games, especially simulations of a fictional universe that included slavery.

This is an Out Of Character forum, if you want to demand you be set free contact whoever arrested you IC as it has nothing to do with anyone else. Demanding is about as likely to get you released as it is to get you unbanned for violating forum rules however, by which I mean incredibly unlikely.

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Alric Rahl
Alric Rahl
come on dude. The last thing you wanted to do was admit to the gaming world that you were crying....... and pestering everyone with petty demands is so childish. Time to grow up and move on.

Can I have your junk before you die?

But getting back to topic. is this even on topic?
But yes, This really is no place to cry or to talk about cryin'. You will get no pitty here. It is true, Your best bet is to solve this in private and let this thread fade away from peoples memerys.

(to the op's. Sorry I did not notice this was in the problem centre till after I posted.)

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Liet Kinds
Liet Kinds
Seriously? Well, hopefully you won't be a slave or prisoner for long. With any luck you will be summarily exicuted and we can all try and forget the rediculus posts you have subjected us all to.

Several posts in a row consisting of nothing but random letters does not qualify as crying, it qualifies as spamming. I have already discussed this with you privately.



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