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Archives » Khris Whitesaber i lost password please send me my new one

i lost my password please send me a new one .the lost your password icon link is not working i think it has a bug .it is not responding when i type in email address and handle.


my email is and will not change i have turned spam guard off.


You don't need multiple threads open for the same issue. We get it - you can't get your password to work.

Seems to me likely that you're doing something wrong, since nobody else seems to have this issue.

Stop posting, stop making new threads and WAIT for someone to give you a meaningful response.

And stop trying to make yourself new accounts to cheat the multi rules.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.

i am not trying to cheat any rules please send me an answer i will wait.

You have created multiple accounts, since the day you were arrested in-character. I believe you are banned, which is why all your new attempts to create accounts are DECLINED, and thus you are not "receiving" new passwords.



why all i have done is create a new handle like the game said to because my previous character died .and i cannot reach my preveious character even though you guys said i would be able to .also one of you said i did not have to wait until the 3 weeks was up to form a new character.there is no reason to ban me.i have done everything you have said to do.


there is not a ban so why can,t i do what i should be able to do ever since you altered the sight there have been a lot of trouble logging in.and i do not have multiaccounts that is somebody else.

Leon Shade
Leon Shade
"If" you aren't banned try using the lost password feature. And who, might I ask, is writing the other posts with your exact e-mail address then? I don't think Yahoo allows two people to both have the same e-mail address, unless you are saying that some jerk wandered in and saw your e-mail address and decided to screw you over.