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Year 9 Day 82 22:16
Im having an issue with the banner exchange. I was able to log in earlier in the week without any issues, but now i cant. when i try, it gives me an error,

The information you entered was incorrect or not found in the database! Please go back and try again!"

now i have tried to reenter my handle and password a few times and it still doesnt work. now my account had not been "approved" yet, but there was no reason it would not of been, for i read and followed all the rules. Im not sure if this is where i should ask this, but i thought why not. I also wrote an email to the banner people, but havent heard anything. Im not being impatient, im just trying to figure out what i may have done wrong. thank you for your time, in advance




Year 9 Day 83 14:52
Please email with your problems, this is the fastest way to contact the person looking after the exchange.



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Year 9 Day 83 16:03
Please DM me about this, the mail system isn't working for me right now, I do wish to discuss this with you


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