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Archives » Stuck on top of a facility????
Year 9 Day 89 13:15
Harcus Barcus
Harcus Barcus
Sorry I've been a bit silly here...

I'm currently in a speeder and I have managed to get stuck on top of a facility and I can't move anywhere away from it. When trying to exit it states that I need to land further but it will not let me move away from that spot. It's now currently left at journey ending as I am waiting on it moving away. I understand that I can't ascend in a speeder in the first place so I don't know how I've managed it.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Year 9 Day 89 19:34
Zeven Mohebbi
Zeven Mohebbi
This has happened to me to. Try entering the facilty.

Year 9 Day 91 14:53
Harcus Barcus
Harcus Barcus
I can't. It won't let me exit the speeder as it states I am over a facility. So when I try to move away to anywhere it just doesn't do it. It will not mark out the journey in red. I'm pretty much stuck there.

Year 9 Day 91 15:38
Click on position so that you are attempting to move your self and not the speeder,
Move to the entrance square of the speeder,
Now click on enter,

You should be able to then enter the building you are over.

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Year 9 Day 91 19:52
Deleted Post
Rin Minetti
Deleted by Phryss. Reason: Don't be useless.
But his speeder will still be stuck, and need to be moved by an Admin. Maybe not a big deal if it's rented, but certainly an inconvenience.


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Year 9 Day 92 19:42
I've moved you to 6, 0 in the city.


Kids these days!
Year 9 Day 94 12:01
Harcus Barcus
Harcus Barcus
Thank you!