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Archives » "when we die in SWC, do we get our rank back with our new character?"
Tyr Tulon
Tyr Tulon
I saw this on while browsing various forums, with an interesting answer. It made me want to copy it here, to see what kind of reply/opinions people would give.

when we die in SWC, do we get our rank back with our new character? 

As in their rank/position within the cmg. Thoughts/Opinions?

Zeven Mohebbi
Zeven Mohebbi
I would think not since you dont get to keep you personal items.

I think posting this question has the potential to cause more harm than good.

The answer is defiantely no for a couple of reasons.

1. The new character has no relationship at with the old, so it would not be possibile.

2. A new character has no rank other than something like citizen of the galaxy. Rank is something that is earned and bestowed upon you by the organization for which you work.

There is nothing to discuss or debate on the issue.

Also why would you post this question in the problem center?


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


IC positions/ranks are usually given based on the players capabilities and not the characters, considering the characters have nothing to make one more appropriate for a rank than another being just a bunch of skill points and HP. It's the player behind the character that holds the attributes rank is based on, they're the one thats trusted, capable and active. Thus the new character qualifies for a rank based on the same criteria as the old character did, just there OOC criteria. Thats unavoidable except in rare cases where the player states the character is going to be different (i.e a thief) or happens to be one of the minority that concentrate on RP to show that character as different (providing another layer than just skill points and HP that can actually be judged), thinking otherwise is just rediculous. At best all a faction can do is add arbitary time requirements before promotion in order to see what the player does with the character, which are unlikely to be at all effective as unless they RP that basically means wait to see if they steal.

It's a stupid question, obviously ICly people shouldn't just recieve their old ranks back but it's not something that can or should be enforced. How a faction handles it is up to a faction and come combat factions won't want to discourage there armies from respawning so will likely ignore what makes sense IC for what actually makes sense.

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Azrakh Raleep
Azrakh Raleep
I think this can be interpreted in multiple ways and even justified ICly.

I can come back and use the IC justification that "I rose up the ranks to fill the place of the recently deceased [old character]."

Or if playing family of the deceased "I took up their position when they died, as part of the family business/responsibility/etc.

I don't really care if a character dies and then takes the same spot with their new character. I haven't done it, but I really see nothing wrong with it.


Ralgarrch is correct. Furthermore, this is not a discussion forum. As he has given the answer, I am closing this now.