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Archives » Will Also Gladly Work for cp
Year 9 Day 95 0:01
Hello to you and let me say I am enjoying my second month here greatly and feel this is something I would like to lend my talents to. I am a retired writer, newspaper: reporting, editorials, reviews, personal column, entertainment editor, author of one SF/F novel to date. I would like to contribute to this great effort you lot are putting out. I have some bit of talent and being retired on disability and in a wheelchair I spend a great deal of time right here. I have been looking for something like this. I can do bios for people, work SWC materials into final form from submitted outlines and many other things. I also have a new website waiting to open and am looking for something useful to put there. Let me know what I should do. Thanks for your time here.

Year 9 Day 95 8:13
Like everyone else has been told, look at the Contact Us page and contact whoever you feel you're best suited to assisting.