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Year 9 Day 95 14:43

Rege Vege. Sim News said I was banned for two weeks and that time has passed +2 or 3 days. May I be unbanned?

Year 9 Day 95 14:46
Typically you would deal with these things by e-mailing the one responsible for banning you.


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Year 9 Day 95 15:33

A few days ago I did send an e-mail, but no reply. Here I know someone capable of fixing the problem at least saw it.

Year 9 Day 95 15:41
Rege, you have you seen the SIM news about the MailServer problem?
Simply re-send your mail.


Year 9 Day 95 15:57

I wouldn't want to spam whoever reads all those e-mails with questions from me, probably wouldn't help out with whatever the problem they are having anyways. Is it not too troublesome to ask for a solution here?

Year 9 Day 95 17:04
You have been provided the answer you seek by Vip. Contact the person who banned you in the proscribed manner to ask your status. The forum is not the venue to use.


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Year 9 Day 95 17:33

"Have a problem that needs database changing, then come right on in and ask any Administrators " The very description of the forum suggests otherwise.

Year 9 Day 95 18:06
You were told what to do. Do it or stop complaining. You asked. You got an answer. You were banned for a reason and now you get to wait until they have time to deal with it. You were told to send ONE (1, As in a single, Lone) E-mail. Once you've done that wait for a week. If they haven't gotten it taken care of by then, THEN you come back and post and hope someone who has time notices it.


Year 9 Day 95 18:20
All SWC ban-related business is indeed conducted via email. Given the recent mailserver issues, resending your email is not uncalled for.


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Year 9 Day 95 20:22

Hey Rogmi it isn't complaining I am doing, it is asking for something that I was promised. I'll send another E-Mail, hopefully it will be read quickly. Do I get creds for days which I wasn't supposed to be banned on? Time is money after all.

Year 9 Day 96 1:01
Absolutely not. Locking this since you have your answer.