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Year 9 Day 96 12:00
Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet
I understand the basic rules concerning multi accounts; and see that on a regular basis that they can be banned for a number of reasons. There is someone else that shares the same internet connection as I do and they want to sign up but I am worried it will get me banned. What is the proper way for signing up an account on the same IP?

I have refused to let my friend sign up due to this but feel guilty that I am denying them the experience and joy this game brings to me. I just want this to be legal so that I don't get banned.

Thank you in advance for responses,


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Year 9 Day 96 12:54
...Just register as Multi's and follow the Multi-Account Rules...


Year 9 Day 96 16:07
1) When your friend signs up, there is a box marked Multi account(AKA referal). Check it(add both handles).
2)Mail Multi-accounts and let them know ahead that you are doing this.
3)Follow the multi rules about account sharing.

Hope this helps.



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Year 9 Day 96 20:25
It is not necessary to add your own handle to the multi field on the join form; only the other player[s] you are sharing a connection with. It is also unnecessary, and even troublesome, to send an email to register a new account as a multi. Only mail in case of problems--for instance, if the account gets accepted but you don't appear as multis on the Account Settings page.


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Year 9 Day 99 5:59
Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet
Thank you for answering my question. Now I have another that confuses me somewhat:

In the rules it states:

Players who are sharing a connection must all be members of the same faction or one or all may be freelancers.

But in the post by Tidus Tia on the date Year 9 Day 89 in Sim News it says:

All of these were banned for either being owned by the same person, failing to register as multis, or not being in the same faction, or having one member of the multi group freelance.

So here is my question: Does everyone registered have to be both in the same faction or both be freelance. In other words: one cannot be freelance if the other is in a faction?

I'm confused since the rules say one thing and Tia's post says another. It is possible I misunderstand the post in Sim News.

Thank you again for your responses to this.


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Vegetarian is an old Indian word for BAD HUNTER!

Year 9 Day 99 9:19
I think you misunderstood Tidus' post.

Multi-accounts have to either be:

1.) Both in the same faction.
2.) Both freelance.
3.) One freelance, while the other is in a faction.

Year 9 Day 99 12:41
You should read Tidus' post as:
"not {being in the same faction, or having one member of the multi group freelance}."

The not applies to everything that follows it, which I've put in brackets for clarity. It's maybe not the best wording.


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