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Year 6 Day 225 10:11
Somebody tally how many times the following words appear in a list of all SWC handles (Or all active handles? I don't care)




Year 6 Day 225 11:09
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
/MSG me tonight Keir, all I can say is that Solo is way more popular than skywalker (for a damn good reason too)


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Year 6 Day 227 14:10
We can add these words to the ban list for handles, should we put it up for a vote?



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Year 6 Day 227 15:02
Year 6 Day 228 6:06
Chunbacca Khan
Chunbacca Khan
Yeah, put them on the list, they're just way too overused.

Year 6 Day 228 7:34
Mecho Rykspin
Mecho Rykspin
there goes my dream to change my handle to Yoda Fett :P

anyway what's wrong with Revan? i can only think of one Revan

Year 6 Day 228 8:18
Can think of 3 off the top of my head while reading this only...

Agree that they should be added



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 228 14:17
Darek Xearz
Darek Xearz
There's also to many of these "Ismay" people. They pop up every you look ;)

Year 6 Day 229 2:02
Chunbacca Khan
Chunbacca Khan
They aren't canon though.

Year 6 Day 229 3:11
Nor can most people name two people with Ismay actually in their handle.
Start hacking at the canon names. Ban Palpatine and Vader while you're at it too, please?


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 229 3:49
and Windu... Can think of more than a few of those



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 229 21:51

Problem is, if you're going to prevent the use of *some* canon names, all need to be blocked.

That's basically going to be impossible. (:

Also problematic in case existing characters with such surnames desire to re-create as a family member or invite friends to play as family members.

Perhaps instead allow all such players the option of getting a handle change at any time?

Edited By: Syn on Year 6 Day 229 21:51
Year 6 Day 233 11:18
Deleted Post
Deleted by Jerev Hargit. Reason: wrong spot
Year 6 Day 233 18:41
Theres a few people slipping by with names that arent names. Example: Koz Ofyurdeth

Year 6 Day 233 22:46
why isn´t that a name?


Year 6 Day 233 23:58
Because it's designed to be pronounced as "Cause of your death"?

He's just spelt it in such a way as to slip past the "must be a name" requirement.


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Year 6 Day 234 0:01
still a name,
there is alot of names in the combine that means completely different things in other languages. I have seen people named after some sort of food and other things.


Year 6 Day 234 17:34
Some people doing join requests are more lenient than others, is what it usually comes down to. (: And I'm sure some are mistakes as well.

However, those in question, such as Koz Ofyurdeth, are not actually in the filter as banned names, and therefore still require manual approval.

I believe the suggestion here is to add canon names into the coded filter so they would not even be able to get to the next step of the approval process without entering a different name.

Still an issue as, like I mentioned, basically all canon names would need to be added if any are.

Year 6 Day 241 13:59
Garven Stalwart
Garven Stalwart
If all canon are banned and the case of a friend or recreated relative after death comes up, couldn’t they join as John or Jane “Canon” and have the friend already in the combine lay claim to them for a name change to a canon one as they begin their life as John Skywalker.

Problem I see with the name change any time for cannon names is someone goes thief of becomes wanted and then gets name change to slow down pursuit (I know posted in Sim News, read them all).

Is this last names only or first and last?
Couldn’t the top 25-50% of Canon be banned?
Bal Organa and other non top 50 characters aren’t overused…

I understand your consistency point Syn but, my Pre-character creation research showed that the canon half of my name wasn’t overused and I would consider it rare. [A few of you are bound to be thinking “Part of his name is canon?” right now.] Syn I realize my creation presses isn’t peoples norm.


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Year 6 Day 241 23:22
Handle changes are only done when the handle breaches the handle rules (, not whenever someone wants.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 242 14:04
Garven Stalwart
Garven Stalwart
I don't know if that responce was to my idea or others before me.

If needed clarifying, my idea was only for name changes at first creation (not mid character history). Change was only if canon are blocked (I understand the need) and for expantion of current Canon name families (friend joining or current character died and new would be a relitive).


“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.
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