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Archives » Hando Demob can't stay logged in

hey, I cant log in, everytime i do it says session expired, and someitmes i'll get past this but, not usually. the first thing that came to mind was the internet i have (hughesnet satellite) and so i searched good and found a page on these forums awhile back that another guy had the same problem, and was wondering if a fix was found (none of the stickied things work)?


please help me, i wanna play

Using firefox? And have ya cleared your cookies?


(none of the stickied things work)? 

Learn to read, Rogmi.


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I did. But half the people who say that haven't anyway.



I did read everything, and tried everything, and i use firefox anyway, but i also tried on ie and didnt work on there either

I believe the problem arises from your satellite connection.

More specific, you only have the satellite for your downstream (i.e. the data you receive) but not for your upstream (i.e. the data you send). Thus you have to open a regular connection (phone, ISDN etc.) to send data, which most likely assigns your PC a different IP address every time, thus you cannot stay logged in.
Or the reason is that the modem/ISDN box disconnects after sending the data, thus deleting the session that keeps regular users logged in.

I'll try to point Khan this way, he is usually able to help with these sort of problems.


You should be fine now Hando.


Kids these days!