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Year 9 Day 110 5:36
Kiel Aourion
Kiel Aourion
What's with the extremely long wait time for travel? Is it for ADDED REALISM or something? I want to start playing a game, not just wait...

Don't tell me all travel incorporates massive wait time.

Year 9 Day 110 5:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
All travel incorporates "massive" wait times.

Year 9 Day 110 5:45
Kiel Aourion
Kiel Aourion

Year 9 Day 110 23:34
It is all part of the gameplay design for this simulation. With instantaneous travel the entire system would need to be completely overhauled; at the moment, XP, production of any entities with a speed value, character skills, and combat all hinge upon travel times, among other features, so that is not an option. Presumably if you have the patience to stick around and give it a try, you will come to realize that travel times do not create any serious problem because you don't need to be anywhere right away.

Year 9 Day 115 13:07
Zachai Dracolis
Zachai Dracolis
Also, Combat, when it comes, will involve people from all twenty-four timezones on Earth. This means that if someone shoots, or tries to flee, or something, that the target or attacker might be asleep, at work, or in some fashion, indisposed. This, unlike MMORPGs, is set up so that the characters are always in the universe, and don't magically disappear when you log out, and thus to incorporate all the time zones, you have to delay travel, combat, and other interactions from, as the rules say from seconds into hours.