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Year 9 Day 120 15:20
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
I haven't played Star Wars Combine for some time. The reason was simplie I had no time. Now I have time and I would like to start out new.
Now here is the Problem:
I have no ship. So I cannot kill myself and request a new charackter ;(.
How can start new now?
Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

Year 9 Day 120 15:31
You would have to have a faction arrest and execute you. Try starting with the faction who owns the planet you're on.

Year 9 Day 120 16:07
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: Not helpful.
Year 9 Day 121 6:22
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
Ok I think that would not work on this Planet. I am on Trandosha, and the
New Republic is the Govermont here. I asked Dan Russ from NR, but he said NR does not get involved in such things ;(

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Year 9 Day 121 9:00
You don't need someone from that government; you can join any faction and someone in that faction can come execute you.

Year 9 Day 121 12:46
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
Moggel D`Orrrduuk
Thank you. You have been very helpfull ;).
Luckely my friend Kendall Holm will help me out.
Thank you very much for the help!
Hmm P.S: It sounds kinda sick to say I want to get killed hehe