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Year 9 Day 120 17:31
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
I've been accused of stealing, and they waited until I no longer had the logs to bring it up.

I need my logs from Year 9, Day 91, 18:48. Should be that exact time, according to his log. I looked, multiple times, and even took screenshots of the pages, multiple times. I never got the money he sent, though he did post screenshots of him sending it.

If somehow the log is actually there, I need notification as soon as possible so I can fix it. I'd hate to have actually stolen from someone because I didn't see an event.

I even took screenshots of reloaded screens, and the event did not appear.

It should be something like...

Year 9 Day 91 18:48
You have received 600,000 credits from Jar-Tan Kem with the following message:
YT-1210 payment as sold on Centrepoint

That is what I would have received, minus his title/info field.

For reference, here is my thread about this event.

Year 9 Day 120 18:46
Date Sender Amount Text
Y 9 D 91, 18:48:20 Jar-Tan Kem 600,000 YT-1210 payment as sold on Centrepoint.

Edited for funky formatting.

Edited By: Syn on Year 9 Day 120 18:46


Year 9 Day 120 18:51
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
Transaction sheet style?

Is that the log, or did you just edit the style?

Year 9 Day 120 20:12
It is the output from the admin tool.



Year 9 Day 120 21:06
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
Thank you, Syn.