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Year 6 Day 228 17:43

Um...about that rule about email addresses. I don't understand why you can't use something like hotmail. I mean why do you need a non-free email provider?

Year 6 Day 228 18:32
To limit the numbers of illegal multi accounts.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 229 7:01
If we did not have the free email rule, then we would have people making account after account just to become force-sensative, or to play up each other's reputations using the other characters.



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 233 12:54

And what about people who don't have any paying e-mail addresses at all? I mean, I don't have any, since I'm not the one who pays for our Internet service down here, so what the hell can I do? Save up some cash and pay for an address? Just to be able to make an account?

And even IF I had a paying email address, how would your thing know? IF I had one, it wouldn't be anything known for sure, it's be some random low-priced address that would be pay-once-and-forget or something like that, and from what I understand, you probably have a premade list of "non-free addresses" in your database, since after all it detected my 12 different totally-unknown custom remote linking and/or email forwarding addresses.

So in short, how the **** do I play this thing without paying 5 bucks a month? Since after all this thing does claim to be free. It doesn't look much so to me.

Year 6 Day 233 14:02
You can ask a friend or family member that DOES have the pay e-mail account if you can borrow it. You only need to use it to get your approval and password. After that you may change your address to any free e-mail service.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 233 22:18
im sorry but i feel compelled to say got OWNED!
besides, its not like you need to use it ALL the time... Hell my brother pasy for his email...i chose yahoo. I aske if he could tell me if any combine mail comes in....worked out just fine...

Edited By: Jerev Hargit on Year 6 Day 233 22:20