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Archives » Missing Planets/ Locating Mythical worlds
I have been doing some research and as of yet cannot find several systems within SWCombine. As in the prequels, ObiWan goes looking for Kamino, I am out searching for a few lost systems. I am seeking reliable information on Mikore V, Korriban, Koros Major, and Horuset System. They do not exist on the Galaxy maps, nor do there coordinates appear in any written form to the known SWCombine Galaxy. Is this simply an oversite, or is it done this way for a purpose? I am setting out on my dicovery voyage to find these worlds, and locate whatever information I can about them. Anyone with any information is requested to please contact me.


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I won't confirm if these are in the game or not. I will say however, that there are many planets and systems in the galaxy that are in fact hidden. What this means is they do exist, but they do not appear on galaxy maps unless you found them and are in the system or you have buildings there with sufficient faction privs.



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