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Year 9 Day 123 0:30
Hey guys,

Ive been clicking the CPs page for quite some time now. And one of the sites ( keep on returning empty. it always comes back as "unable to connect." I was wondering if this Im the only one getting this or there's really something wrong with their site.


Mitos Woohoo

Year 9 Day 123 11:10
Nah, I get that sometimes. Not each time I click it, but on fair occasion.

Also regarding CP. I used one of the other " support the combine " links, and signed up to do some Neilson surveys ( by far the easiest of the group to do, and earn CPs ) The reply message from SW said it would take two or three days for the CP to hit my account, but I have yet to recieve anything, but have done 2 of the surveys they have sent me. Any ideas?

Year 9 Day 123 21:23
For the sites where you are unable to connect, don't worry about it; it happens on occasion but you still receive CPs.

For the offers, each tends to have different requirements in terms of how long they require you to have been signed up; that actually is not something that SWC controls. If a few weeks have passed and you are sure you completed all of the steps for that particular site, you can contact Veynom with the details and he should be able to help you out.



Year 9 Day 124 15:30
cool. thanks syn :)