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Year 9 Day 129 6:36
I am at same ground position as the npc been assigned to me but I can't see the npc when I click ' party ' or even when I hit ' scan ' , am on water surface ( not in town or land ) , why I can't see the npc ?

Year 9 Day 129 6:55
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
You wont see an NPC on your party option if you are not assigned as supervisor. Are you manager or supervisor?

Water seems a strange place for anybody to leave an NPC are you sure you are at the right location or that the NPC isn't inside another vehicle?

Year 9 Day 129 9:22
Yes the npc is assigned to me as supervisor and yes am in same ground position as the npc , I got the npc position from the ' Manage Supervised NPC ' window .

Year 9 Day 129 9:29
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
In that case sounds like a bug base issue with supporting screen shot. Sorry can't help.

Year 9 Day 129 11:00
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
is it a clawdite by chance?..I have had problems seeing supervised NPCs with high stealth.....


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Year 9 Day 129 11:59
This is the npc location :

Galactic Position: (142, -70)
Planet Position: (5, 10)
City Position: n/a (5, 0)
Ground Position: (15, 1)

Now u can see there is No system name and NO city name ( plain water ) , even if the npc has high stleath I should still be able to add/drop from my party as a supervisor !

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Year 9 Day 129 14:00
Kai Xaviar
Kai Xaviar
If you're at the right position it must be a bug, is the NPC an Aquatic type?

Edited By: Kai Xaviar on Year 9 Day 129 14:40


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Year 9 Day 129 17:56
Yeah I think so , he is a Selkath ( Race ) .

Year 9 Day 131 14:28
Might be in a sub/bongo. Ask the person that asigned it to you and see if it's in a one of those vehicles.



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Year 9 Day 131 17:50
Nope , he said npc is not in a vehicle !