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Archives » couldnt get ahold of Venoym,please dont ban me......
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
I tried for 2 weeks to get ahold of him to see if someone out side the combine could donate money for my birthday so i can have CP' friend in california doesnt have an account with the combine (I'm in Tennessee)so i sent her info to get in my account to send the cash alah PAYPAL.i have 4 witnesses on IRC to back me up as i was logged out during the transaction only minutes ago.i dont want to be banned as a multi or hack as my friend has no interrest in the combine and wont re-enter my account.thnx for your time.GO COMBINE

oh ya , my friend has no character or account

P.S. how long will it take for the CP's to register? $20 = 20,000 CP's

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There are rules against one person accessing more than one account. However, to my knowledge, there is no restriction on more than one person accessing a single account. So I don't think you have any cause to worry.


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Also, the time it takes for the donation to be processed and turned into CPs is all dependent on when Veynom is online and how much he has to do. It can be anywhere from the next day to a week.

Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
got my CP's THNX Guys......

(EDIT)this can be closed now Thnx

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