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Archives » City/Room ID # (# is for number I suppose, not for the name)
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
When I try to buy an NPC it asks for this ID number (otherwise it gives a very nasty error, at least someone should try to put a nice message there), so two questions:

1. How can I know that number? (For reference, I saw once a floating text with that number when I had the mouse over a room, over a city it doesn't happend)

2. If I want my NPC to be on a Terrain square outside a City this will be considered also a City?

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K`r K`l

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Mecho Rykspin
Mecho Rykspin
1. To view the ID of a room you need to go to Position and place your mouse over one of the small room images and the ID should appear as a hint. a new way to view room IDs should be available soon(tm)
2. don't remember
3. patience. someone would answer although sometime noone answers my topics :P

you just posted this at the least popular time of the day...

2. I think so, but dont quote me on that...



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K`r K`l
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1/ I've added a check to see if the locationID is a number, if not it'll error out. To find out the cityID talk to the owner, if you don't know who the owner is try talking to whoever controls the planet, they should be able to point you to the owner (if they themselves aren't the owner). It's a rather cumbersome system but I don't really want to do anymore work on it because it's only temporary until such time as planets generate NPCs and you have to go down to them, and into certain facilities, to hire the NPCs.

2/ Do you mean the 1 square wide border running around the outside of the city? If so, no, this is still considered as part of the city


Kids these days!
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
OK, thanks

1. I think I'm alone on my planet.
2. No, I was talking about another square of terrain from the planet that isn't a city.

1/ yeh, the only city on that planet is NPC owned. The ID is 1449

2/ ah, that area isn't counted as city.


Kids these days!