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Year 6 Day 230 15:05

Hi, I'm a newb! This is my first character, and I don't want to gimp it, just yet. I've read most of the FAQs, and need a little help...so go easy on me =p.

1. Is the 'squad leader' (in other words, people with high leadership, that command military npcs or npc fighter ships) profession playable enough? Also, are the military infintary npcs implemented yet?

2. How does the party system work when your a squad leader with 119 npc? I've read that you can only have 12 people TOTAL in a group!

3. How do you max out leadership at lvl 5? From what the faqs said, you can distribute a max of 14 skill points to the most important skill group. In order to max out level 5, you need 15 points...

4. I really want to command some miltary infintary soldiers, but are they in the game, yet? Also, how does one go about recruiting/buying these guys?

5. If there aren't any military type troops in the game...are there any other sutiable replacements for this type of npc?

6. What's the games' current status of being able to:
A)command military type infintary npc troops
b)upgrade your skills with extra skill points

Year 6 Day 230 23:12
1/ Yes to your first question, no to your second.

2/ The 119 figure for ground NPCs is rather old and isn't definitely what will eventuate for combat. Once NPC amounts are decided for combat the party size will change to accomodate that.

3/ You'd need 14 points if you were already at level 1 in said skill. Where does it say that you can assign a max of 14 SP's to any one skill?

4/ See, 1/, military NPCs aren't in yet. You can purchase NPCs from NPC Inventory > Purchase NPCs. This is only a temporary system, in the future planets will generate NPCs and you'll have to go down there and hire them from certain facilities, depending on their type.

5/ Nop, NPCs and their role in combat will be decided closer to combat being released.


A/ no combat at the moment, so no military NPCs
B/ You get one SP per XP level you gain. SP's can be spent from Manage > Character > Assign Skill Points


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