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Year 9 Day 137 3:42

I choose name Nocturnus Shroud, and was declined because "Your handle does not match our current rules requirements. It was turned down because it either contains numbers/special characters or it doesn't sound like a name (ie: Red Wolf). Please refer to the Character Creation rules page located at for more information" How the hell does a name, which pretty much came from the dark jedi training manual NOT sound like a name? What do you want Bob Smith? which sounds even LESS like a star wars name? I have no time for you retards who decide that all star wars characters should have "real world names" eat one bitches.

Year 9 Day 137 6:21
Great Job. Seriously, well done. Insulting the people who process applications will most likely get them to allow you to use the name you want.

Face it, if one of the people processing those applications doesn't like your name, you will have to pick another one.


Year 9 Day 138 20:38

Welcome to the club....

I was denied for chosing Junta Kast... there is no one in the Star Wars universe movies or expanded universe that uses that name. Actually its a randomly create name used in KOTOR while creating your character. They jumble all these names up to sound something like a name in Star Wars would be.

Try looking Junta Kast up in any Star Wars wookiepedias, databases, etc.... you're not going to find it... cause it doesnt exist.

Year 9 Day 139 1:21
Character Creation: Handle Rule Number 3:
"You may not use the name or last name of an existing Star Wars character"

Bolded for emphasis.

Wookieepedia entry on Jodo Kast

Again, bolded for emphasis.

Moral of the Story:
Please read the handle rules thoroughly prior to submitting your applications. Thank you and have a nice day.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 9 Day 139 1:58
I actually smiled inwardly...

Thank you, Hal.


Scamming is such a harsh word. I prefer to use proactive redistribution of assets