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Archives » Stranded on a planet with nothing.
Bes Rotten
Bes Rotten
I created a Sakiyan and stupidly started on Sakiyaan instead of first joining a faction. Both of the towns here on the planet are ghost towns. On planet map it said that Korunaan has npc transport, I walked there, but it doesn't. And now I should get somebody from the faction I just joined to fetch me up. Oh, I'd rather eat the bullet train (but ofcourse can't, because there is nothing - let alone weapons - on the shops).

Why is it even possible for a n00b to start "adventuring" in a place like this?

It may take some time for your faction to get to you. (I had the same problem). My suggestion would be to keep walking around to get some XP while waiting.

Planets aren't terribly exciting no matter where you begin. All racial starting cities, though, should have various NPCs for you to talk to, and one from whom you can rent a speeder to move and gain XP significantly faster.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek
Use the time to develop a coherent, cohesive character background, get really nice avatar and signatures done, and look around the forums until you have a celar picture of who are they key players, factions, locations and events in the galaxy, and what are the best plants to develop long-term - e.g. find out how long would it take to get enough money to buy the ship you'd like with your salary, and how you could invest that salary to get more money out of it.

Likewise, spend time in the SWC and faction forums being helpful and moderate, and you'll make friends and contacts.

That'll all make your start into the game be much smoother, and in a couple of months your name should be recognized around the circles you frequent.

That is the real "adventuring" of this game. If you want to shoot at t3h space alionz, go play Quake.