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Year 9 Day 138 15:27
Jack Monday
Jack Monday
I presume this is more toward Tidus/Alizee Anna Tia....but since I am not getting a responds on the Bug Base and Sin closed my other one I will post the main thing that is going wrong. When I type in my name and hit enter it says this "The handle you chose is already in use. Please choose another."

Response from Hal.
Did you already have a new Handle approved? Is someone else using the Handle that you selected?

The answer to both was no. So I went and posted in the Bug Base as Hal said to and no response yet and it has been a full week now so I would like more attention put on this. As people are waiting on me to respawn.

Their has been multiple emails have been sent to granting me the surname of another person.

Please any assistant please help, maybe Ranma. Can you help?

Edited By: Jack Monday on Year 9 Day 142 11:41
Year 9 Day 142 11:48
Spamming new threads when you're other threads got closed is a good way to earn a forum ban.

If the automated process is not working, then it's a BUG, and you will need to wait until your BUG BASE report is dealt with.


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